This page gives links to software and supplementary materials for the following papers:
  1. Robinson, MD and Smyth GK (2007)
    Moderated Statistical Tests for Assessing Differences in Tag Abundance,
    Bioinformatics. 23(21):2881-7.
    [R package - tar] [R package - windows] [Table of DE tags for Zhang et al. dataset] [Zhang et al. dataset] [R commands for Zhang analysis]

    The 'msage' software package is now called 'edgeR' and is available from the Bioconductor project, see the following link:

  2. Robinson, MD and Smyth, GK (2008)
    Small Sample Estimation of Negative Binomial Dispersion, with applications to SAGE data,
    Biostatistics. 9(2):321-32.
    [R package] [R commands]
[updated 11/06/2009].