Gender Genes in R format


Link to file containing Gender Genes in R format.

  • Download Gender Genes in R format (RData file).
  • The file can be loaded into R using the load() function.
  • The file contains two character vectors in Entrez Gene IDs: XiEgenes and msYgenes.


XiEgenes: genes located in the X chromosome that have been reported to escape X-inactivation

  1. download the genes from Supplementary Table 3. Genes analyzed in Xi hybrids
  2. choose the genes that escaped X inactivation in most Xi hybrids
  3. convert the gene symbols and gene aliases to Entrez Gene IDs
  4. choose the Entrez Gene IDs located in X chromosome only

msYgenes: genes belonging to the male-specific region of chromosome Y

  1. download the genes from Supplementary Table 1. MSY genes and gene families demonstrated or hypothesized to encode proteins
  2. convert the gene symbols, gene aliases and GenBank accession numbers to Entrez Gene IDs


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Last Modified: 25 August 2014