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GBIRP - Genotype-Based Identification of Relative Pairs

GBIRP is a program to compare the genotypes of many pairs of people, and identify pairs of people who may be related to each other. For further details see Human Genetics 117: 188 (2005).

At the moment, GBIRP requires LINKAGE-style .pre and .dat files for all 22 autosomes, and haplotypes inferred within (known) families using MERLIN. A version that works with unphased genotypes will be released soon.

Click here to download a zipped archive of the software, which runs in Perl and FORTRAN, along with a set of example files. To install the software on a unix machine type

gunzip GBIRP.tar.gz

followed by

tar -xvf GBIRP.tar

Then there is a file notes.txt in the GBIRP folder which contains further instructions.

Please contact Jim Stankovich (stankovich@wehi.edu.au) if you have any further questions about the software.

Last modified:13-12-2005