Data files and R code for

Cytotoxic CD4+ T cells are markers of progression to type 1 diabetes

Authors: Naiara G. Bediaga, Alexandra L. Garnham, Gaetano Naselli1, Esther Bandala-Sanchez, Natalie L. Stone, Joanna Cobb, Jessica E. Harbison, John M. Wentworth, Annette G. Ziegler, Jennifer J Couper, Gordon K. Smyth, Leonard C. Harrison

Submitted 2021

Data files

The following data files are needed for the differential expression analysis: The read counts are available from GEO accession GSE185191. The gene annotation is available from Genecode.

R code

The following file contains the R commands for the CD4+ T cell differential expression analysis reported in the manuscript:


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Last modified: 2 October 2021