Data Files: Normalization of boutique two-color microarrays with a high proportion of differentially expressed probes

Alicia Oshlack1, Diane Emslie1, Lynn Corcoran1 and Gordon K. Smyth1

1. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.


Raw data files used for to assess the normalization method. These files can be read into the R programming language and analysed using the limma package.

Spottypes files are also provided for analysis using limma in R.

Data for Figure 1 and Figure 3 were extracted using the spot software package and therefore the gal files are required when analysing the data. The data from the boutique arrays for figures 4 and 5 was extracted using genepix software and can be read straight into most analysis programs.

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Last modified: 10 October 2006