Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 11AM
Venue: Davis Auditorium and Online

28 May 2024

This is a WEHI only event.

Building integrative frameworks to harmonize genomic and healthcare data

Sonika Tyagi
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The intersection of genomic information and healthcare data presents a promising avenue for personalized medicine and improved patient outcomes. However, the integration of these diverse data sources poses significant challenges. We explore the imperative need for integrative frameworks that effectively harmonize genomic data with clinical records and other healthcare information. By bridging the gap between genomics and healthcare, such frameworks hold the potential to unlock insights into disease mechanisms, optimize treatment strategies, and enhance preventive care. Key considerations in developing these frameworks include interoperability, data privacy, standardization, and scalability. I think talk I will discuss emerging methodologies and technologies aimed at addressing these challenges, including data integration techniques, machine learning algorithms, and secure data sharing platforms.

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