Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 10AM
Venue: Teams

30 August 2022

Mosaic single cell data integration

Shila Ghazanfar
University of Sydney

Currently available single cell -omics technologies capture many unique features with different biological information content. Data integration aims to place cells, captured with different technologies, onto a common embedding to facilitate downstream analytical tasks. Current horizontal data integration techniques use a set of common features, thereby ignoring non-overlapping features and losing information. In this talk I describe the current state of play for vertical, horizontal, mosaic and diagonal single cell data integration. Further, I introduce StabMap, a mosaic data integration technique that stabilises mapping of single cell data by exploiting the non-overlapping features. StabMap is a flexible approach that first infers a mosaic data topology, then projects all cells onto supervised or unsupervised reference coordinates by traversing shortest paths along the topology. StabMap performs well in various simulation contexts, facilitates disjoint mosaic data integration, and enables the use of novel spatial gene expression features for mapping dissociated single cell data onto a spatial transcriptomic reference.

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