Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 11AM
Venue: Davis Auditorium and Slido

5 April 2022

Gene set testing for DNA methylation array data using missMethyl

Belinda Phipson
WEHI Bioinformatics

DNA methylation is one of the most commonly studied epigenetics marks due to its role in development and disease. The Illumina Human Methylation arrays have been extensively used as a cost-effective way to measure methylation across the human genome. Methylation array analysis has primarily focused on preprocessing, normalisation and identification of differentially methylated CpGs and regions. In this talk I will present our gene set testing methods, GOmeth and GOregion, which perform unbiased gene set testing following differential methylation analysis. Benchmarking analyses demonstrate GOmeth outperforms other approaches, and GOregion is the first method for gene set testing of differentially methylated regions. Both methods are publicly available in the missMethyl Bioconductor R package. This is joint work with Dr Jovana Maksimovic.

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