Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 11AM
Venue: Zoom Webinar

2 November 2021

A large-scale proteomic map of cancer cell lines

Rebecca Poulos
Children's Medical Research Institute Sydney

Proteomic data can reveal novel associations between genotype and phenotype, beyond what is apparent from genomics or transcriptomics alone. However, a lack of large proteomic datasets across a range of cancer types has limited our understanding of proteome network organisation and regulation. We produced a pan-cancer proteomic map derived from 949 human cancer cell lines, encompassing more than 40 cancer types from over 28 distinct human tissues. This pan-cancer cell line proteomic map is a comprehensive resource that expands our understanding of cancer proteomes. These data reveal principles of cancer cell phenotypes, including genetic vulnerabilities and drug sensitivities, that are important for developing novel targeted anticancer therapies.

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