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Log Rank Test

This page contains a link to a script, designed to perform a log rank test, using the statistical package, R.
Just cut and paste your data into the following box

Enter data here:

Column's are separated by a tab , space , comma , or any whitespace .
The data is a list of time intervals, with the number* of deaths recorded in each group.
The data is a list of subjects, with the group and time of death of each subject given.
The data has a second, stratified factor. The data is also a list of subjects, with the group, time of death (or time of the end of the experiment if the subject didn't die). Two more columns are required, one giving the second factor and another whether the subject died (0 for survival and 1 for death).

Help can be found here.
    *This number can be expressed as
  1. the number of deaths for the group in that time period.
  2. the percentage of subjects of that group that died in that time period.
  3. the number of deaths recorded for the group up until the end of the time period.

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