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Using Our Discipline to Enhance Human Welfare
August 7 - 11, 2005

Analysis of Gene Expression Data Short Course, JSM2005

Terry Speed1,2, Jean Yang3, Ben Bolstad2 and James Wettenhall1
Augst 6-7, 2005

1. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
2. University of California, Berkeley
3. University of Sydney

Course Outline

Lecture Slides in PDF format (Annotation slides added Aug 22)

Lab Exercises

Each lab description lists the required software and data for that lab. An overall list of software for the entire workshop is given in the following section (Required Software).

  1. Lab 1. lab1.html lab1.pdf
  2. Lab 2. lab2.html lab2.pdf
  3. Lab 3. lab3.html lab3.pdf
  4. Lab 4. lab4.html lab4.pdf
  5. Lab 5. lab5.html lab5.pdf
  6. Lab 6. lab6.html lab6.pdf JSMLab6.RData Lab6Rcode.R
  7. Lab 7. lab7.html lab7.pdf

Required Software

As well as checking the overall list of required software, you may also wish to check each individual lab sheet for a list of software required for that lab.

Required Data

Please check whether you already have the "Drosophila Embryo", "Hyperdip" and "Estrogen" packages from the Required Software. (These data sets are stored within R packages.)

Past Microarary Workshops

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