Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 10:45am Tuesdays.
Level 7 Seminar Room 2, WEHI1

14 August 2018

Development of new statistical methods to elucidate the consequences of drug treatment using high dimensional single-cell data

Marie Trussart
WEHI Bioinformatics

A new technology which couples mass spectrometry with metal-conjugated antibodies permit the profiling of cellular phenotype and signalling cell state of millions of individual cells. Specifically, this technological advance with cytometry time of flight CyTOF has successfully enabled a comprehensive panel of surface and intracellular protein markers to unravel complex signalling networks and to delineate cell subsets in heterogeneous tissues such as blood, bone marrow and tumours. Indeed, mass cytometers are able to analyse simultaneously more than 40 unique parameters per sample at the single cell level.

While there are already many tools available to analyse the resulting data and answer questions of interest, the development of biostatistical and bioinformatics methods to address all these different topics is still in its infancy. In the first part of my talk I will discuss the existing approaches and present our new strategies to refine the previously developed debarcoding method and to handle and remove technical unwanted variation in high-dimensional mass spectrometry data. In the second part of my talk, I will present an application of CyTOF to elucidate the effect of drug treatment to better understand the impact of different treatments on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) patients. Current approaches to understand cancer heterogeneity do not resolve the protein changes dynamics which occur at the level of individuals cells. By using this new technology CyTOF, we aim to better understand the impact of each drug that underlie sensitivity or resistance to the treatment.

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