Bioinformatics Seminars

Bioinformatics Seminar

Time: 10:45am Tuesdays.
Level 7 Seminar Room 2, WEHI1

21 March 2017

Davis Auditorium

Phenotypic Associations in Single T-cell Pedigrees: The Problem of Statistical Inference on Tree-Structured Data

Sarah Russell and Damian Hicks (joint)
PeterMac and Swinburne University of Technology

The process by which T cells differentiate to form effector and memory cells continues to be an open question. To address this, time-lapse fluorescence microscopy has been used to track post-activation naive T cells and their progeny, recording ancestral relationships over many generations and phenotypic characteristics of individual cells. Building a statistical model to describe these pedigrees, one that is general enough to identify associations between and within generations, has required the development of a new framework for quantifying tree-structured information. The model reveals how the network of statistical relationships between family members of T cells compares to their network of familial relationships and estimates the proportion of variation attributable to each division. More generally, by formalising the invariance properties of the binary tree structure, the natural groupings of variables that compactly describe associations on any binary tree have been identified.

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