BioInfoSummer 2011 - AMSI Summer Symposium in Bioinformatics

5th - 9th December 2011, GTAC, Melbourne, Australia

BioInfoSummer brings together students (undergraduate, masters and PhD) and early career researchers from mathematical and biological sciences and introduces participants to state-of-the-art bioinformatics research.

This year we have a group of high school teachers joining us on Day 2, which further enhances the education and outreach nature of the program. For more information on the teachers day, please view the teachers day program on AMSI website here

The program features:

  • Introductory lectures on biology and bioinformatics
  • Keynote speakers highlighting current research
  • Hands-on practicals using bioinformatics software
  • Sessions of contributed talks

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Daily Themes

This year we will be covering topics in the following themes:

Introduction to Biology and Bioinformatics, Monday, 5th Dec 2011
A general introduction of biology for attendees with mathematics, statistics and computer science backgrounds. Also covering introductory informatics for participants from a biology background.
Molecular Evolution, Tuesday, 6th Dec 2011
Theories and methods for studying evolution at a molecular level, based on biomolecular sequence data, will be covered in lectures. Workshop in the afternoon reflects the morning lectures and provides attendees with hands-on practice of basic phylogenetic analysis.
Genetic Variation and Massively Parallel Sequencing, Wednesday, 7th Dec 2011
An introduction to the study of genetic variation.predisposing to diseases other than cancer, using massively parallel sequencing.
Cancer Genomics and Massively Parallel Sequencing, Thursday, 8th Dec 2011
Mostly acquired after-birth, cancer-causing mutations are extensively being studied. This theme aims to cover a few aspects of studies in cancer genomics, which includes chromosomal rearrangements, copy number variations and somatic variations.
Proteomics and Metabolomics, Friday, 9th Dec 2011
Topics in this theme will cover bioinformatic and biostatistical methods used in the study of proteins and metabolites using mass spectrometry.


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Confirmed Speakers

  • Prof. Terry Speed, WEHI
  • Prof. Sohrab Shah, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • A/Prof. Catherine Abbott, Flinders University
  • Prof. Melissa Southey, University of Melbourne
  • A/Prof. David Thomas, Peter McCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr. Ana-Teresa Maia, Cambridge Cancer Centre, U.K.
  • Dr. Christina Boucher, University of California, San Diego, U.S.A
  • Dr. Xiting Yan, Yale University, U.S.A.
  • Dr. Bruno Gaeta, University of New South Wales
  • Dr. Ute Baumann, University of Adelaide
  • Dr. Matthew Wakefield, WEHI
  • Dr. Arun Konagurthu, Monash University
  • Dr. Kathryn Holt, University of Melbourne
  • Dr. Melanie Bahlo, WEHI
  • Dr. Tony Papenfuss, WEHI
  • Dr. Karin Kassahn, University of Queensland
  • Dr. Vladmir Likic, Bio21
  • Dr. Amsha Nahid, WEHI
  • Dr. Wade Hines, Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Eugene Kapp, WEHI

Please direct any enquiries to bioinfosummer @